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The Nicol Stones

Scottish lifter Brett Nicol has lifted the 188kg & 144kg Dinnie stones more times than anyone else with 350 lifts to his name. A local to the Dinnies, Brett isalso a dinnie lifting judge and has created his own stone lifting challenge that will live on in strength history.

Brett created the 'Nicol walking stones', a carrying challenge with enough weight and an imbalance totest lifters over a short distance. The 138kg & 114kg Nicol Walking Stones were carried 19.30m by Luke Stoltman in 2019, who holds the current world record

The Nicol Walking Stones were used in the 2020 Europe's Strongest Man contest and are due to be used in this years Scottish Strongest Man event. For an added challenge, Brett also has 'Big Nicol Stones' (see below) which weigh more than the Dinnies. The biggest pair are 209kg & 153kg and are rarely lifted.

We thank Brett for not only the information and photos provided for this post, but for creating strength history with a challenge to test lifters for generations to come

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