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The Heavies Film: A Review from History of Strength Sports

Brought to us by @portalfilms, this hour long film documents the journey of the world's best throwers, the events and the history of the Highland games. Following esteemed athletes such as @danielmckim and @mattvincent, the film zooms in on @scott.f.rider ’s pursuit and eventual claim of a world championship victory

From @mattvincent's profound overviews to upcoming Sinclair Patience’s training philosophies, we get to know ’The Heavies’ from their own narration of the movie. A nod to the history of the sport is included with a scene from the legendary Dougie Edmunds’ home in Scotland and we see shots of the David Webster enjoying the games, another leading authority of the sport.

Emphasis is placed on competition where we see plenty of throwing action. The incredibly high calibre of athlete and regard for the sport is balanced with the tongue in cheek acknowledgement that the athletes essentially "throw rocks in a field” (@mattvincent). There is a continual theme of family shown within the top level of the sport and the gratitude that the athletes have to the sport and the opportunities it has granted them becomes abundantly clear

From a training enthusiasts perspective, the film may have benefited from more training content which would have also extended it beyond the hour mark and for context of current affairs in the sport, it would have been useful to have defined which years competitions were shown. Nonetheless, a great watch for anyone in the strength community and we are left with an undeniable urge to give Highland games a go ourselves!

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