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Angus MacAskill - The 7ft 9 inch Scottish born Canadian legend of strength

Feats of strength

  • 425lbs with 44 inch wideshoulders and the palm of his hand 8 inches wide and 12 inches long

  • He reportedly lifted a 2,700lb anchor after a wager with some sailors

  • Macaskill could allegedly carry 2 x 300lb barrels, one under each arm and throw a 300lb man over a 10ft high woodpile

  • He was reputedly capable of carrying a 60-foot beam on his shoulder

His life

  • Also known as the "Cape Breton Giant" - so called after emigrating to this part of Nova Scotia

  • Born in 1825, the young Angus began life as a farmer and became known for his stature in his teens. In fact, his father had to raise the roof of the family home

  • Crop failures 1847 & 48 brought economic depression and Macaskill was invited to tour as a 'curiosity'

  • He joined P.T. Barnum's circus and performed with Tom Thumb where he also demonstrated his strength

  • He returned with a 'snug fortune' and bought up several local businesses

  • Despite his stature and strength, he was known for his 'mild and gentle manner'

  • He died in 1863 of 'brain fever' at just 38 years old and his life has been honoured in both Canada and Scotland with memorials 

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